Following a successful bid in 2017, Athens was chosen as the place to host IEEE's biennial international Spoken Language Technology conference. Read more

Το ΕΚΕΦΕ "Δημόκριτος" προσφέρει δέκα (10) νέες υποτροφίες για Διδακτορικό, σε συνεργασία με πανεπιστήμια του εξωτερικού. Περισσότερες πληροφορίες τις επόμενες μέρες.

Το Εργαστήριο Τεχνολογίας Γνώσεων και Λογισμικού (SKEL Lab), ΙΠ&Τ ανέλαβε πρόσφατα έξι (6) νέα ερευνητικά έργα. Read more

The MSc Data Science programme kicked off for the second academic year 2018-2019 on October, 1st 2018. Dr. Vangelis Karkaletsis, Director of the MSc programme welcomed new students to their first semester as well as old ones entering their second year of studies in the third semester. Read more

About the Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory

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The rapid growth of the Web has generated a wealth of information for individuals and organizations, to the extreme of overloading its users with information. This phenomenon has created the pressing need for turning this information into actionable knowledge according to the requirements of each individual. This need represents the major motivation behind the R&D activities of the Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL). In the past few years, SKEL researchers combined their efforts to develop knowledge technologies that will enable the efficient, cost-effective and user-adaptive management and presentation of information.

SKEL work focuses on intelligent systems and services for the Web, IoT and the Semantic Web, and more specifically: web content collection and extraction for specific thematic areas, knowledge discovery from web usage data, creation and maintenance of ontologies to support the collection and extraction tasks, services composition and procurement as well as natural interaction with web-based information systems.

SKEL strategy to reach its objectives, during the last years, involved the following:

  • specification of the main research directions in order to set the context and guide our R&D work,
  • coordination or participation in various EC and national funded projects in order to raise the necessary funds to support our research work,
  • participation in numerous international conferences and workshops to present our research results,
  • participation in education & training activities in order to attract new skilled researchers and programmers,
  • participation in various other activities to increase the Lab visibility in the international research community,
  • development of the necessary infrastructure to support research activities and the development of intelligent systems and services,
  • examine the use of various means to exploit the project results.

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