SKEL publications

Number of publications: 631

  • Artikis A., Katzouris N., Correia I., Baber C., Morar N., Skarbovsky I., Fournier F. and Paliouras G., "A Prototype for Credit Card Fraud Management",
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  • Dagioglou, M. & Konstantopoulos, S., "Human-robot complementarity: Learning each other and collaborating.",
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  • Ferrara, A., Montanelli, S., & Petasis, G., "Unsupervised Detection of Argumentative Units though Topic Modeling Techniques", Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Argument Mining,
  • Giannakopoulos, T. & Konstantopoulos, S. , "Daily activity recognition based on meta-classification of low-level audio events", (abstract), (pdf),
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  • Katzouris N., Artikis A. and Paliouras G., "Distributed Online Learning of Event Definitions. ",

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