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Environmental degradation is a modern phenomenon with direct effects on human life. Modern technological developments in the field of environmental monitoring allow further understanding of the physical characteristics of the environment, through the application of multi-level analysis methods of environmental variables based on their scientific, exploratory or practical interest to humans. The recorded physical quantities are represented as a series of values which carries space as a concept of evolution and influence of phenomena. The modeling, analysis and representation of dynamic geo-spatial phenomena is a catalyst for evolution in geoinformatics science, as it describes spatio-temporal variability. Alongside software technologies, research areas are developing in the direction of hardware and software integration. It is clear that there is a convergence between science and technology for the optimal management of knowledge as a potential tool for describing environmental conditions and improving the quality of life in man-made systems. This proposal aims to design and develop a semantic data model towards automated environmental monitoring. In particular, emphasis is placed on the analysis of space-time variables to identify the underlying causes of changes in natural phenomena.


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