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22 Ιανουαρίου, 2013

23-26 September: ISL participates in the biannual Security Exhibition

In September of 2012 Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) was present in the biannual World Forum for Security and Fire Prevention exhibition organized in Essen, Germany.
The exhibition, through entitled “Security Research meets Industry: Growth. Technology. Markets.” event, hosted entities with serious contribution in the security research field funded by the European Commission.
ISL participated in the exhibition as an exhibitor of DITSEF E.U. project (separate booth of 35m2). DITSEF was implemented by a strong partnership of 10 partners including SMEs and large industries, research centers, technology providers, system integrators and end-users aiming at increasing the effectiveness and safety of First Responders by optimal information gathering and sharing with their command levels. DITSEF offers self-organizing, robust ad-hoc communications where the existing infrastructure may be compromised, allowing communication between First Responders and between them and their command level.
Dr. Stelios CA Thomopoulos, director of ISL, presented the ELECTRA Localization System module implemented in-house in the context of the DITSEF Project.

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