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8 Ιανουαρίου, 2015

Two PERSEUS Dissemination Events for the East Campaign Successfully Concluded

An EU-funded flagship Demonstration Project on Maritime Security, PERSEUS (FP7-SEC-2009-261748) has concluded successfully the two big Exercises of the Eastern Campaign last October during the VIP event organized by IIT and co-hosted by the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Hellenic Minister of Defense, key partners of the two exercises.
During the two exercises, that were coordinated by IIT, ISL demonstrated its OCULUS Sea C2I system and DXLB maritime communication capabilities that made these two exercises possible, and MNL provided the VPN infrastructure that enabled the secure data exchange throughout the project.
The VIP event was attended by several dignitaries, including the Merchant Marine Minister, EU Principal Scientific and Policy Officer for DG Enterprise and DG Home, rear Admirals of the Hellenic Navy, Commanders from the Hellenic Coast guard and a large crowd of attendees and technology exhibitors from across EU.
PERSEUS received very positive commendations from End Users across EU and all EC Officers. IIT is now looking forward to the follow-up project EUCISE that will provide a common information that will carry EU maritime agencies data exchange and to the commercialization of its OCULUS Sea, DXLB & VPN technologies.

Visit the PERSEUS project site on the PERSEUS 2nd Dissemination Event for the East Campaign OCULUS Sea platfrom demonstrated within the BSSR European Symposium on the EUCISE project

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