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August 26, 2016

iGuide KNOSSOS: An immersive Virtual Reality Guide for the Archaeological site of KNOSSOS

The Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of NCSR “Demokritos”, has submitted a 3D Digital Guide named iGuide KNOSSOS on the STEAM platform and is asking for audience support (positive vote on in order to be Greenlit.
“Experience the past” – A journey to the Minoan Civilization through a 3D digital reconstruction of KNOSSOS Palace located at the Greek Island of Crete. iGuide is based on Sir Arthur John’s Evans work, a British archaeologist who, through research and excavations in the early 1900s, unearthed the colorful world of what he then named the Minoan Civilization.
VR and non-VR navigation, interactive features, pop-up info teasers, video animations, and other visual effects for comparing the “how it once was” with “how it is now”, leads to enhancing the user experience as a “virtual visitor”. iGuide KNOSSOS is the first fully digital reconstruction of the palace of KNOSSOS built in an immersive environment.
Customize or choose a default tour. Teleport to a specific area that stimulates your interest. Click on or pass through points of interest revealing animated videos, audios and texts as well as get info about the life, architecture, frescos, myths & stories and other elements that have been identified with that era.
We invite STEAM members to upvote this submission by clicking YES on the link . We welcome everyone to “wander through” the endless corridors of Knossos, learn about its unsolved riddles and reveal the hidden secrets of the Minoan civilization. Check out videos, screenshots and a VR capture “Gameplay”, at the above link, and help iGuide to be distributed through the STEAM platform.

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