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The new European research funding program Horizon Europe is according to the European Commission the most valuable support tool aiming to mobilise the industry, create European partnerships and leverage greater public and private investment towards common goals.

Acknowledging the leading role of European funding in research, innovation, space technologies and services, the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications with SKEL | The AI Lab is organising an info talk with guest speaker Georgios Megas from the National Documentation Center who will deliver an online presentation titled: Introduction to Horizon Europe on Tuesday 30 March 2021, 14.00 (NEW DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON)

Short bio of speaker: Μr Georgios Megas is a Twin Transition & Innovation Manager and the Greek National Contact Point for ICT & EIC in H2020. He is a member of the Enterprise Europe Network ICT Sector Group and the coordinator of the EIT Health HUB for Greece. Mr Megas is responsible for Digital Innovation Hubs and DEI policies in the Idealist2020 ICT NCP network and holds an MSc in Industrial Management and Technology.

The talk will be held online in Greek

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