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June 18, 2013

Intelen, Inc: a successful case of transforming Greek applied research to a world-class product

  • April 25, 2024 till April 25, 2024

Intelen is a market leader and innovator in Smart Building Energy Analytics. It obtains real time energy use data from buildings (down to 1-2 second intervals) and provides real time advanced data analytics using a web based interface and specific cloud-based algorithms. Intelen uses proprietary technology to connect to buildings and is not dependent on the presence or type of utility smart meter installed. It then uses game mechanics principles to engage users in energy save initiatives and achieve a sustained reduction of energy use of 25-30% on average.
Intelen is the result of four years (2006 – 2010) applied research @ the Multimedia Technology Laboratory of NTUA (ECE dept) that was transformed into a world-class product portfolio.
Intelen’s global market is the billion smart grid market and the combination of software, the social web 2.0, data mining technologies and IT methods for energy efficiency analytics in big buildings (also called the “Soft Grid”). Intelen has filed so far two Greek patents (OBI) and two US patent applications to USPTO.
The presentation will have two main parts: in the 1st part, Dr. Ing. V. Nikolopoulos will present the basic applied research theory that Intelen is using, including data mining algorithms, the RKM algorithm and some insights on game mechanics, social energy networks and knowledge data fusion theory, applied to the energy domain. Also, some basic entrepreneurship concepts and how we can transform research findings to a product that solves a society/market problem.
In the 2nd part, Mr. Konstantinos Staikos, MSc (OCP) will present Intelen’s core technology and technical/software background on data analytics and general cloud architectures (ie. IPv6, IoT, etc). The complexity of combining real-time meter data, interoperability, streaming information, security, computational complexity and decision theory is rather difficult to reduce and manage.
Intelen’s approach produces a very scalable and efficient technology model, capable of analyzing and correlating huge amounts of data in real-time, by applying in-house advanced algorithms for data analytics.

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