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Double success for LangAware, the newly founded start-up supported by SKEL lab, IIT and NCSR Demokritos, was awarded first prize at Ennovation 2019 Awards which was conducted online on Thursday 30 April and also managed to raise investment from Metavallon VC.

Winning awards

The start-up, which is founded by SKEL post-doctoral researcher Dr. Vassiliki Rentoumi, has created the LangAware app, an application that uses Artificial Intelligence to predict neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s) by detecting and monitoring digital biomarkers based on language and speech.

The software concerns an innovative application that comes to fill the documented gap in the diagnosis and monitoring of Alzheimer’s, as it can offer easy, affordable, accurate and early diagnosis of the disease with machine learning and voice recognition techniques.

Part of the groundwork for the fruition of this effort was conducted within the frame of the iASiS research project which is coordinated by Dr. George Paliouras, Head of SKEL Lab at IIT.

The start-up gained the Research & Technology Innovation Award of the 12th Inter-University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition, Ennovation 2019 for business & research amongst 17 teams from Greece and Cyprus.

More on the full list of winners of the competition and further information is available here (in Greek).

Media coverage

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