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More than 400 university students participated in the HIAS Universal AI Course, which was organized by the Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies (HIAS), in the framework of the HIAS Summer Events 2023. The 3-day course was held during 2-5 July 2023, on the premises of NCSR Demokritos.

The purpose of the AI course was to familiarize students from diverse backgrounds, including science, engineering, law, medicine, social sciences, humanities, and the arts, with the latest developments in AI and its potential to revolutionize various fields.

During those 3 days, a diverse group of experts shared their insights and discussed the current trends in AI, the challenges of AI application development, as well as the opportunities and benefits that arise from integrating AI into various domains.

The Institute had an active involvement in the organisation of the 3-day course, where Director, Dr. Vangelis Karkaletsis, and coordinator of the European project AI4Copernicus showcased the project and the AI-on-Demand Platform.

The first day of the event is available to watch here here. (The presentation of Dr. V. Karkaletsis is on: 7:18:58)

Dr. George Paliouras, Head of SKEL | The AI Lab, participated in the HIAS Workshop on AI and talked about “AI Frontiers and Interfaces” and the use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. 

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