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The Institute of Informatics & Telecommunication of NCSR Demokritos is excited to announce its membership in the Artificial Intelligence and Education (AI & ED) expert group of the  Council of Europe. 

Institute Director Dr. Vangelis Karkaletsis and collaborating researchers Dr. Xenia Ziouvelou and Dr. Dora Katsamori are members of the AI Expert group which held its first meeting in Strasbourg, France, on  21 and 22 November 2023, where they engaged in insightful discussions around AI and education addressing various facets through the lens of human rights, democracy and the Rule of Law.

The AI & ED expert group, discussed several subjects related to the regulation of AI systems in education and its implications, a Policy Toolbox on teaching and learning with and about AI, a review system for EdTech solutions, among others. The event provided a platform for diverse perspectives, spanning from academia and the teaching profession to international organisations and the private sector, encompassing research and application.

Council of Europe’s forthcoming work on the above-mentioned key priorities include gathering data, developing evidence-based practices, and adopting a participatory approach to policymaking.

Regulation of AI in education was thoroughly examined, with the following questions serving as the foundation for debate:

  • Why is it imperative to regulate AI in education?
  • What aspects should be regulated?
  • Who are the primary stakeholders involved?
  • What are the main dimensions to consider?
  • How can effective implementation be achieved?

Key dimensions, such as pedagogical value, implications, curriculum frameworks, and assessment, were addressed throughout the discussion.

Finally, the Expert group meeting served to finalise the work plan for 2024 and agree on key aspects of the work ahead.

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