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  • June 24, 2024 till June 24, 2024
  • NTUA, Athens

Dr. Y. Corovesis from IIT, NCSR Demokritos, gave a presentation titled “Networking in Europe (EU policies and the Greek contribution, an overview)” in a workshop held in the context of the the Erasmus+ BE-OPEN project, co-organised by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the ‘GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance’, in NTUA’s premises.
Dr. Y. Corovesis joined EU Networking in 1986, helped develop the Greek NREN as part the EU network infrastructures DANTE and EBONE, participated in Communities such as TERENA and RIPE and co-founded OTENET the nationwide ISP, part of collaboration with NTUA, NCSR Demokritos and OTE telecom. In this talk, he presented aspects of historical developments, of policies and technological problems.
The BE-OPEN project concerns the promotion and implementation of the open science principles by the universities of the Republic of Serbia. This is a horizontal action by all the Universities of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Ministry of Education.

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