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January 8, 2016

New HCI Series Book published: "User Community Discovery"

Publication of the Book “User Community Discovery”, edited by Paliouras, G., Papadopoulos, S., Vogiatzis, D., Kompatsiaris, Y., at the HCI Series, Springer.
This book redefines community discovery in the new world of Online Social Networks and Web 2.0 applications, through real-world problems and applications in the context of the Web, pointing out the current and future challenges of the field.
Particular emphasis is placed on the issues of community representation, efficiency and scalability, detection of communities in hypergraphs, such as multi-mode and multi-relational networks, characterization of social media communities and online privacy aspects of online communities.
User Community Discovery is for computer scientists, data scientists, social scientists and complex systems researchers, as well as students within these disciplines, while the connections to real-world problem settings and applications makes the book appealing for engineers and practitioners in the industry, in particular those interested in the highly attractive fields of data science and big data analytics.

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