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May 29, 2019

Official launch of the AI4EU project at the AI Night in Paris

The European AI Night is the first public event of the AI4EU project. Funded by the European Commission, AI4EU, an acronym for “Artificial Intelligence for the European Union”, unites 79 partner organisations based in 21 countries, among which NCSR Demokritos and more specifically SKEL Lab play a key role. The event took place on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The AI Night welcomed participants from the local AI community, business leaders, researchers, developers and policymakers as well as project partners and a group of experts from the European Commission. With up to 2,000 attendees, participants could choose between several lectures, panel discussions and workshops featuring some of Europe’s most influential AI leaders.

The AI Night is an important step towards building a European AI community. It is also the starting point of a series of public AI events scheduled to take place across Europe. During the AI Night, participants could find out about innovative applications of AI in a wide range of research and business areas, such as education, robotics, mobility, healthcare, media, insurance, finance, Internet of Things and cyber security. The event, organised by France Digitale and Artefact, brought together AI experts and solution providers with business and industry leaders who need to get their enterprises ready for the digital transformation. The lectures and panel discussions provided an overview of the status of AI and Big Data research and application in Europe. An AI exhibition highlighted innovative solutions. Workshops addressed specific topics and target audiences, such as AI solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, AI applications in human resources and research on human-centred AI. In the workshops, participants had the chance to interact and provide valuable input into the design, functionality and technical implementation of the AI4EU platform, an open AI-on-demand platform, aiming to counterbalance the fragmentation of AI knowledge and experience in Europe.

The AI4EU project receives a total funding of €20 million from the European Commission over the next three years. As part of the Horizon 2020 programme, AI4EU forms a key element in the EU strategy on Artificial Intelligence, aiming to increase public and private investment in AI technologies, facilitating access to data and tools, as well as educating and training future experts and employees from all business sectors, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. Furthermore, an ‘Ethics Observatory’ will be established in order to engage AI experts and the European public in discussions about ethical, legal and social implications of the technology.

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