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IEEE Spoken Language Technology 2018 (SLT2018)

Following a year of preparations, IEEE’s prestigious International Spoken Language Technology conference was held in Athens receiving international acclaim.
The biennial conference which took place in Europe, for the first time in IEEE’s history, was co-chaired by Dr. Vangelis Karkaletsis, SKEL, IIT, NCSR Demokritos, along with Dr. Yannis Stylianou, Apple & University of Crete and Dr. Srinivas Bangalore, Interactions.
More than 400 scientists, researchers and business experts from around the globe had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the leaders in the field, attend poster sessions and keynote speeches on this year’s theme: “Spoken Language Technology in the Era of Deep Learning: Challenges and Opportunities”.
During the four days of the conference, approximately 400 delegates had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the leaders in the field Google, Uber, Amazon, Oben, Microsoft and listen to speakers such as Apple’s Alex Acero, the man behind virtual assistant Siri, Karen Livescu from Toyota Technological Institute, Dimitra Vergyri from SRI International as well as Spyros Raptis from Innoetics the Greek success story acquired by Samsung including Petros Maragos from NTUA.
The highlight of the week-long event was the private tour at the Acropolis Museum and the Gala Dinner which was held at The Acropolis Museum in the presence of GSRT Secretary, P. Kyprianidou and NCSR Demokritos Director, G.Nounesis amongst other esteemed guests.

Presentations and more photographs are available on the conference website:

VIDEO: Watch here the video from the live streaming session of Dimitra Vergyri’s keynote speech:

Radio Interview of Vangelis Karkaletsis – Sto Kokkino (at Nikos Sverkos radio show)

Press Coverage:
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