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The VAST project participated in the Fairytales Festival which took place for the 20th year on Kea Island from 22 to 31 July 2022.

During the festivities and in the context of the project’s research activities, a survey was rolled out on-site, through dedicated questionnaires which were distributed to festival participants so as to gather more information and draw conclusions on the values stemming from the stories they listened to.

The Fairytales Festival, for 20 consecutive years on the island of Kea, highlights and emphasizes the timelessness and polysemy of the popular oral tradition and is a meeting place of cultures and cross-cultural exchange, through the collaboration of different types of art.

This year the festival paid tribute to Alekos Fasianos, the famous Greek painter who supported the Fairytale Festival and created its logo.


More information about the programme is available here

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