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June 15, 2023

[VIDEO] AI4TRUST webinar: Generative AI - What is the cost for the information industry?

The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, attended the webinar which was organised by the AI4TRUST project on 13 June 2023 titled “Generative AI – What is the cost for the information industry?”.

The event has been co-organised by European projects, AI4TRUST, and TITAN and AI4Media focusing on all relevant issues and challenges around generative AI and tackling disinformation. The webinar is available to watch here.

A few words about the webinar: Generative AI has garnered significant attention recently due to its unique ability to create novel content designed to mimic humans. It has the potential to revolutionise many industries by automating the creation of content, analysing large amounts of data and overall improving efficiency, which frees up workers’ time. However, generative AI’s potential impact on the work landscape of the information industry has led to scepticism. There are concerns about job displacement and a loss of human perspective and voice. Another drawback of generative AI is that it reflects society’s biases on issues such as gender and race. It can generate fake news, such as ‘deepfakes’: images or videos created by AI that appear realistic but are false and misleading.

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