Karafotias George

210 650 3452

George Karafotias has graduated from the Electrical and Computer Engineering School of the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) with major in Computer Science. Moreover, he holds a postgraduate degree in “Marine Technology and Science” from the School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (N.T.U.A.).He has worked, in Greece, in the public sector as an Electrical Engineer and Head of IT department. In the private sector, as a Software Engineer and 3D applications Programmer.
Abroad, he has worked in Abu Dhabi as a Researcher in a multimedia lab of an American university and in Finland as a Developer of Virtual Reality applications in a company.
Currently, he is employed as a Research Associate in the Integrated Systems Laboratory of the National Centre of Scientific Research “Demokritos”.
His main research interests are: Virtual Reality and Educational/Serious Games.

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