Dr. Vassilios Kountouriotis holds a PhD from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the field of Computer Science and more specifically Formal Language Theory and Logic Programming. In his dissertation, he focused on overcoming important semantic shortcomings of Boolean grammars and the results are now part of the curriculum in universities worldwide. Vassilis has an extensive computer engineering and analysis background, complemented by his theoretical knowledge on computer science and informatics. He is currently employed by the Integrated Systems Laboratory of NCSR Demokritos as a Research Associate contributing to European Union funded projects (FP7), drafting new proposals for funding as well as researching on realistic large crowd behavior modeling in real time.Notable Publications:
1. V. Kountouriotis, C. Nomikos and P. Rondogiannis, A game-theoretic characterization of Boolean grammars, Theoretical Computer Science 412 (2011), pp 1169-1183
2. V. Kountouriotis, C. Nomikos and P. Rondogiannis, Well-Founded Semantics for Boolean grammars, Information & Computation 207(9): 945-967 (2009)
3. V. Kountouriotis, C. Nomikos and P. Rondogiannis, Conjunctive macro grammars, Developments in Language Theory 2006: 203-214
4. V. Kountouriotis, P. Rondogiannis and W. Wadge, Extensional higher order datalog, 12th International Conference on Logic for Programming
Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning: 1-5

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