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Internal Regulatory Framework on Research Exploitation- Technology Transfer

NCSR-D has been a pioneer in innovation creation. The Board’s decision regulated, for the first time in entirety and full range, the processes through which NCSR-D will support Researchers in patenting, collaboration with Industry and establishment of spin-off companies.

Critical issues of commercial/ business exploitation of research are finally regulated in the new internal Regulation, but the Regulatory Decision introduces the necessary regulations so as to set up a clear and safe internal framework of rules and procedures for Researchers carrying out actions towards the exploitation of their research. These regulations will be tested in practice and, where required, will be improved, so that the new Internal Regulation regulates more effectively all those issues.

  1. More specifically, the 2020 Regulatory Framework regulates critical issues regarding:
    patents and intellectual property,
  2. business contracts (for research commercialization) and
  3. establishment of spin- off companies.

In addition,

  1. the method of financing research exploitation is defined and
  2. regulation of conflicts of interest is introduced.

The Regulatory Framework introduces clear internal procedures and obligations for Demokritos’ departments to provide the necessary support to Researchers, so that they meet the specific needs of  research exploitation.

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