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Collaborative learning for patient-focused interventions in gait rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery

December 1, 2015 - November 30, 2017

NCSR budget: 28,410€

The project aims to offer an attractive up to date interdisciplinary on-line collaborative platform with specific learning tools and content, supporting participants in acquisition of skills in the field of orthopedic and rehabilitation. The e-learning platform will include guideliness for standard protocols in orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation and a large repository of case studies. This will function as an interactive multimedia database system containing full reports on patients receiving orthopedic/rehabilitation treatment – real clinical case studies using digital imaging (Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Tomography). Innovation consists in enhancement of case studies with gait analysis as part of the treatment decision-making in patients with complex walking problems.
By our project we intend to:
– Develop basics skills for medical specialists in orthopedics and rehabilitation (theoretical and practical skills for assessment, decision, treatment in different pathologies) by innovative on-line education and strategic use of ICT-based teaching and assessment practices;
– Develop new skills as requested by the labour market – computerized gait analysis;
– Develop transversal skills (ICT skills, communication and language skills, ability to think critically, take initiative, working collaborative in multidisciplinary teams -orthopedist/rehabilitator, problem solving) by the use of a multilanguage e-platform with case studies that must be solved by the trainees;
– Assure the development of high quality work-based VET;
– Enhance digital integration in medical learning, teaching, training by promoting access to and learning through Open Educational Resources that will support ICT-based teaching and training, as well as ICT-based assessment practic.

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