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Integrated technologies for mineral exploration; Pilot project for Nickel ore deposits

EU projects (FP4 - FP7)
January 1, 1996 - December 31, 1999

NCSR budget: 467,500€

Among the most promising results of the project were: GEOSIS, an information system tailored to the needs of the expert geo-scientist, providing support through all the stages of Nickel exploration, ANNGIE: A prototype software tool, developed to help automate the classification of lithological regions, the identification of mineral alteration zones and the detection of geological lineaments from multisource data. GEOES: A prototype software tool, developed to incorporate in a software module the knowledge of expert geo-scientists concerning the Ni exploration process, in order to make their work more efficient and reduce cost.

  • EC
  • 4,991,300 €
  • 467,500 €
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