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Handovers for Ubiquitous and Optimal Broadband Connectivity among Cooperative Networking Environments

EU projects (FP4 - FP7)
January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2010

NCSR budget: 706,681€

HURRICANE aims to provide concrete networking system answers to the question how an optimized handover operation is performed between two cooperative Radio Access Technologies that constitute potential business cases for both Telecom Operators and Broadcasters in the context of a Fixed Mobile Convergence communications environment. The main objectives of the project are to investigate, design, implement, validate, and propose for standardisation inter-system handover operations among radio cooperative networking environment.

  • E.U./Matching Funds
  • Coordinator
  • ICT-1-1.1-216006
  • 3,748,148 €
  • 706,681 €
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