Narration: Integrated system for management and curation of digital content and production of personalized and collaborative narratives.

National projects
June 4, 2018 - December 3, 2021

NCSR budget: 201,334€

The “Narration” project involves the creation of an integrated system of digital content management and editing and production of personalized individual and collaborative narratives and implemented co-funded by Greece and the European Union- European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the operational program Competitiveness- Entrepreneurship-Innovation (ΕPAnEK).Traditional narrative practices addresses narrative development by placing artefacts on a linear axis. The existence of a unique narrative flow that is fixed and remains static for a long time is not desirable whilst it is desirable and necessary each artefact to be involved in more than one narrative, be combined with other object and multimedia and include personal experience of the general public, which until now does not participate in narrative production processes.
The “NARRATION” project concerns the development of a platform that is able to support, manage and promote digital content of cultural and tourist infrastructures (tourist sites, museums, archaeological sites, exhibition spaces, etc.) through the creation of personalized individual and collaborative narratives. Access to narratives is possible either during a physical visit of an infrastructure during its regular operation (such as permanent exhibitions) and/or its temporary events (such as periodic exhibitions) or remotely. The project reveals cultural content by implementing new narrative structures, less strictly defined scenarios, automated and semi-automated modes, by overturning time sequences and by offering a variety of filtering and grouping options in order to respond to modern perceptions of versatile objects and their multiple interpretations. The system allows specialized and non- specialized users to produce narratives based on the available content and to share them with targeted audiences.
The involvement and collaboration of three partners focused on different research fields ensures the effectiveness to develop a functional platform comprising of complementary and distinct parts, tools and subsystems. “NARRATION” consists of a back-end system enabling content editing, managing, and sharing. This system integrates a database and a common database retrieval system, supports user login and profile/account creation and social media connection as well as it includes a personalization and recommendations system. There are front-end interfaces to create narratives and support smooth user navigation; based on a selected narrative; in the physical space. The web-based platform features a digital editing and narration tool and the portable devices applications contains augmented and virtual reality elements aiming at high absorbability of the platform by the public. In addition, the system includes hardware technologies that improve and enhance the quality of location-based services.
The main focus of “NARRATION” is a holistic approach to narratives that will lead to a mature technology and innovative tools aimed to the market of digital platforms for cultural and touristic operators. These outcomes aim to be smoothly integrated into existing technical workflows of cultural organizations and to support their relevant actions.
“NARRATION” is a project with a clear organizational structure, lasting 36 months, which will be implemented by six work packages and its expected results will be positive for all project partners, as well as for the economy and society. Exploitation of results and dissemination and publicity activities concern either the entire system or its individual elements and are carried out for commercial purposes as well as for improving education, processes, research and competitiveness. In addition, they are linked to the activities of all work packages and require coordinated efforts of all partners.

  • European Union- European Regional Development Fund
  • Coordinator
  • 487,295 Euro
  • 201,334 Euro
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