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With more and more children being online at a young age, concepts and ways to accompany and support them in their first and further steps on the internet are needed more than ever. One important keyword here is positive content and services – websites, online content, online environments and increasingly also apps where children can easily and safely enjoy the internet and mobile devices. This issue has been addressed on several levels before – on national level with initiatives bringing forward the production and promotion of positive content, and on European level e.g. with the EC focus group on positive content, the European Award for Positive Online Content, and a session at the Safer Internet Forum dedicated to the topic.The fact that, during research for this network and before in preparations for Safer Internet Forum, it became obvious that whitelists, browsers for children and in some cases even good websites dedicated to children’s needs are hardly to be found shows that this is a necessary topic to be addressed – by institutions who have experience in producing positive content and services, by researchers who deal with children’s wishes and needs, by parents who want to know where they can send their children online, and by other stakeholder active in the area of positive content.
The aims of the projected thematic network POSCON are to:
a) Exchange good practices, issues and challenges in provision of content to young children, including the business model and make recommendations to enhance production and dissemination of positive content across Europe (including localisation). This activity will include a discussion forum gathering producers and providers in a dialogue on online content for children.
b) Discuss feasibility and requirements of a safe browser for kids / collation of white lists including suggestions on moderation and rating of websites for children. Requirements should take into account accessibility needs of disabled children.
c) Make proposals for the roll over of a European wide competition.
d) Provide a report with overview on the market for positive content for children in Europe.

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