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PYRo-mOdelliNg and Evacuation Simulation system

National projects
June 1, 2014 - September 30, 2015

NCSR budget: 207,000€

Structural fires continue to pose a great threat towards human life and property. Due to the complexity and non-deterministic characteristics of a building fire disaster, it is not a straightforward task to assess the effectiveness of fire protection measures embedded in the building design, planned evacuation strategies and potential modes of response for mitigating the fire’s consequences. In addition, currently, there is a lack of means for realistically and accurately recreating the conditions of building fire disasters for purposes of training personnel in order to be sufficiently prepared when vis-a-vis with such an environment. The way that a fire propagates within a building, the diffusion of its volatile products, the behaviour of the occupants and the sustained injuries not only exhibit non-linear behaviours as individual phenomena, but are also entangled in a web of codependencies to each other. The proposed PyroNES system will address all these aspects through a comprehensive approach that relies on accurate and realistic computer simulations of the individual phenomena and their interactions. PyroNES sets out to deliver a product that will offer innovative tools and services to strategically targeted niches in two market domains. In the domain of building design and engineering, PyroNES aims to be seamlessly integrated within existing engineering workflows and serve as a building performance assessment platform, able to evaluate fire protection systems. On another front, PyroNES will penetrate the building security management market, serving as a holistic training platform for stakeholders in evacuation strategy planning, fire fighting, first response and building occupancy both at a Command & Control and at an individual trainee level.

  • Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. General Secretariat for Research and Technology.
  • ISR_2866
  • 207,000 Euro
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