Seniors Go Digital
Seniors Go Digital: Promoting Inclusive Strategies for Disadvantaged Seniors

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September 1, 2017 - February 29, 2020

NCSR budget: 44,475€

Although many senior citizens enjoy good health, aging often brings difficulties preventing older citizens from accessing goods and services and living independently. Ensuring accessibility for all is both a question of fundamental rights and crucial to making the most of the potential that senior citizens have in social and economic terms. Adult learning provides a means of up skilling or re-skilling those affected by unemployment and age, as well as making an important contribution to social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development. The consortium proposes to offer innovative, targeted and high quality lifelong learning opportunities to senior citizens for the acquisition of digital skills, which will support in a systemic way active aging, access, social inclusion, participation and personal development though the use of the digitalized learning eco-system to be developed, as well as through the e-services, e-governance, e-participation and e-communication provided in each partner country. The Seniors Go Digital project aims to offer opportunities to re-skill or up-skill their digital competences to become active citizens and socially included in the digital world in order to guarantee their activeness, social presence, e-access, e-participation and personal development, to design, implement, monitor and evaluate a toolkit that will re-skill or up-skill seniors’ digital competences to become active citizens and socially included in the digital world and to pilot-test the “Seniors Digital One Stop Support Centers”.The Seniors Go Digital Consortium:
P1: Hälsinglands Utbildningsförbund (SE)
P2: Acli Provinciale di Rimini (IT)
P3: Private Institute Emphasys Centre (CY)
P4: National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (GR)
P5: EUNI Partners (BU)

  • Hälsinglands Utbildningsförbund - Sweden
  • 2017-1-SE01-KA204-034538
  • 268,021 Euro
  • 44,475 Euro
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