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Smart Living Homes - Whole Interventions Demonstrator For People At Health And Social Risks

January 6, 2022 - April 17, 2023

NCSR budget: 100,000€

The eHealthUnit ( will implement the iwelli4ageing pilot within the framework of the Gatekeeper project. The iwelli4ageing pilot aims to integrate Electronic Health Records with the Gatekeeper platform and:
• Simplify the implementation of IoT services for end users of the EHRs utilizing the Gatekeeper platform
• Set up a more complex ecosystem of services in the platform to enchance the diagnostic, prevention and disease management capabilities for multimorbidity patients with cardiac diseases.
• Set up an open-source plugin (Infobutton tool) that augments electronic records (EHRs, PHR) with intelligent search engines capabilities able to index and look through specific domain knowledge to guide the optimal treatment and support of multimorbidity patients.

We expect the proposed experimentation to prove that applying open-source IoT platforms like the Gatekeeper one can lead to better prevention and chronic disease management services.

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