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Strengthening the Employability and Key Competences of Young People with Disabilities Through the Digital Transformation and Modernisation of Youth Work

May 2, 2022 - November 1, 2024

NCSR budget: 58,800€

The fundamental objectives are to ensure social inclusion, access and participation in the labour market for young people with disabilities (YPwDs) and upgrade youth work by addressing the need for digital transformation. The project aims to address the necessity of pioneering digital-driven tools to improve the employability skills of YPwDs and upgrade youth work through increasing quality and innovation.

Moreover, the project aims to improve the skills and competencies of Youth Workers (YW), trainers, educators, etc. who are working with YPwDs to foster training methodologies that will improve the current state of the art in regard to training programmes, which are available to this vulnerable group of population. In this manner, the JOBS4ALL project results will be conducive to improving existing methodologies and simultaneously establishing a broader community that fosters them with opportunities in the labour market to enhance equal access and participation, which will reflect the rise of personal growth confidence.

The JOBS4ALL aims to design, develop and pioneer the idea of the JOBS4ALL programme to improve the employability skills of young people (aged 15+ years) old with disabilities through the use of VR and build a BUSINESS COMMUNITY towards enhancing the work opportunities and FOSTER structural dialogue between businesses, Youth Organisations, Training Facilitators, Primary Schools and people with disabilities to enhance equal participation in the labour market.

The JOBS4ALL project envisions to design, develop, pilot-test and promote an interactive VR Game addressed to the European community, to support the acquisition of employability skills in selected sectors such as Professional, Hair Salon and Food Services including social skills, employability based on each profession, Digital, Health and Safety and Hygiene.

The project is coordinated by the N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”  and the rest of the consortium consists of:

P2: Associação Portuguesa para as Perturbações do Desenvolvimento e Autismo de Coimbra (Portugal)

P3: Learning Center for Youth (Cyprus)

P4: Metropolisnet-European Metropolis Employment Network EWIV (Germany)

P5: Emphasys Centre (Cyprus)

P6: 2 EPAL Agias Paraskevis (Greece)

P7:  Zespol Szkol Specjalnych im. Janiny Porazinskiej w Ignacowie (Poland)

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