Joint Phd Programs Scholarships

IIT devotes significant effort in PhD students’ supervision most of them jointly with Greek Universities and the rest with foreign Universities in the context of the joint PhD programs scholarships.

International Joint programs

IIT initiated in 2008 a PhD scholarships program, jointly with Universities in Europe and the US. In the case of European Universities, students spend half of their PhD time at the University and the rest at NCSR Demokritos. In the case of US Universities – where the students must attend courses during their first 2 years – students remain there and then return to NCSR for about 1.5 year to carry out the core research of their Thesis. In both cases, full scholarships are provided, covered by the university when the student resides there and from IIT when the students resides at NCSR. The scholarship also covers travel costs and conference fees. Currently IIT has ongoing research collaborations with the following universities.

The Institute’s scholarships

IIT offers PhD scholarships in subjects concerning its fields of research.  To view PhD Theses that are currently in progress visit this webpage.

Industrial Research Fellowship Program

The Institute has active participation in the industrial scholarship program of NCSR Demokritos with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) and various collaborating companies, which started in mid-2017. This innovative initiative supports 4-year PhD scholarships and 3-year Post-doc scholarships. Currently, IIT participates with 6 PhDs and 2 Post-docs.

To view the last Industrial Research Fellowship Program visit this webpage.