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IIT had a substantial representation at ECAI-2012, the biennial European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, with presentations by T. Varvadoukas, I. Vetsikas, A. Artikis and C.D.Spyropoulos, details follow.
Main Conference:
– Theodoros Varvadoukas, Ioannis Giotis, and Stasinos Konstantopoulos, “Detecting Human Patterns in Laser Range Data”.
– Ioannis Vetsikas, Sebastian Stein, and Nicholas Jennings, “Multi-unit Auctions with a Stochastic Number of Asymmetric Bidders”.
PAIS (the 7th Conference on Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems) Alexander Artikis, Robin Marterer, Jens Pottebaum and Georgios Paliouras, “Event Processing for Intelligent Resource Management”.
NetMed 2012 (the 1st International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and NetMedicine): Alexander Artikis, Panagiotis D. Bamidis, Antonis Billis, Charalampos Bratsas, Christos Frantzidis, Vangelis Karkaletsis, Manousos Klados, Evdokimos Konstantinidis, Stasinos Konstantopoulos, Dimitris Kosmopoulos, Homer Papadopoulos, Stavros Perantonis, Sergios Petridis and Constantine S. Spyropoulos, “Supporting tele-health and AI-based clinical decision making with sensor data fusion and semantic interpretation: The USEFIL case study”.

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