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Dr George Giannakopoulos, researcher at SKEL | The AI Lab and founding member of the non-profit organisation SciFY, is the author of the Greek book titled Artificial Intelligence: a discreet demystification, that was published in April 2021. A book that is written in an approachable and understandable, but scientifically sound way.

                     The cover of the book, published by ROPI publications

As the contributors have mentioned in this book, the audience is called to participate in an exciting journey of discovering Artificial Intelligence. Above all, this book highlights humanity, considering both its brilliance and darkness, in the background and the foreground of intelligent systems. Τhe book points out how and why the research of AI is completely aligned with substantial research into the depths of mankind.

Short bio of Author: George Giannakopoulos holds a PhD on Artificial Intelligence and has more than 15 years of related work experience. He is a collaborating researcher at the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, NCSR Demokritos, while he has co-founded the non-profit open innovation company SciFY (Science for you), which brings cutting-edge information technology and AI know-how into everyday life to solve real problems and support the common good. Dr Giannakopoulos has been teaching, since 2017, in postgraduate courses related to AI and data science. He participates in scientific communities around the world (EACL, EurAI, EETN), but also in national scientific bodies (TES-ESETEK), while he has contributed to the Greek national strategy for AI. Finally, he shares his many years of experience through dozens of lectures about AI, addressing a variety of audiences, of all ages and levels of digital literacy.

The book has reached the 7th place in the ranking of 47 books of the Bookpress “Best non fiction 2021” list and is published by ROPI publications. More information about the book here.



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