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Dalhousie University ( and NCSR “DEMOKRITOS” enter into an agreement of cooperation to establish a program of exchange and collaboration in areas of interest and benefit to both institutions. The purposes of the cooperation between DALHOUSIE and NCSR are as follows:
– to promote interest in the teaching and research activities of the respective institutions in fields of common interest, and
– to enable qualified students identified by NCSR (herein after referred to as NCSR Fellows) to pursue an advanced degree at DAL.
To achieve these goals, DALHOUSIE and NCSR will, insofar as the means of each allow:
– promote institutional exchanges by inviting faculty, graduate students and staff of the partner institution to participate in a variety of teaching and/or research activities and professional development;
– organize symposia, conferences, short courses and meetings on research issues;
– carry out joint research;
– exchange information pertaining to developments in teaching, student development and research at each institution;
– enable NCSR Fellows to complete an advanced degree at DALHOUSIE after meeting all DALHOUSIE degree requirements; and
– enable NCSR Fellows to participate in study and research conducted at both DALHOUSIE and NCSR according to a mutually agreed upon schedule that satisfies requirements of both institutions.
In the context of this cooperation agreement, a PhD fellowship program was formed leading to the award of a PhD degree in the name of Dalhousie University, in the area of Informatics & Telecommunications. This is a joint program between the Faculty of Computer Science at DALHOUSIE ( and the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications at NCSR.

The Faculty of Computer Science at DALHOUSIE

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