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September 13, 2018

Ariadne's Journey: Projection Mapping Production events at Athens Science Festival 2018 and NCSR Demokritos

“Ariadne’s Journey”, the projection mapping production inspired by the world of Knossos designed within NCSR “Demokritos”, was presented with huge success in the spring of 2018. “Ariadne” made appearances at both the Athens Science Festival (ASF) at Gazi, Technopolis from April 25th -26th, and in the auditorium of the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” from May 2nd – 3rd. The conceptualization, design and production of the work was formulated by a specialized group of architects, animators and artists working within the Integrated Systems Laboratory at NCSR “Demokritos”. Over the course of four days, more than 2700 viewers, out of whom over 1700 were students, attended screenings and experienced “Ariadne’s journey” over the course of four days.
In both venues, morning screenings invited students of all ages to experience Ariadne, with afternoon and evening screenings open to the public at large. Discussions followed the screenings, with questions and central themes of conversations focusing on the creative team’s research methodology, the many uses of digital technology for explorations of cultural heritage, and finally history and multiplicity of interpretation.
During the school trips at the Athens Science Festival, screenings began with students being asked questions such as:
Where is Knossos? What do we know about Knossos? Is Knossos ancient or not, and why? Where did the names “Throne Room” and “Prince of the Lillies” come from? Who was Arthur Evans and what was his contribution at Knossos? What is the role of an archaeologist in a space like Knossos?
A total of 18 schools – ranging from elementary, middle school and high school students – organized school fieldtrips to NCSR “Demokritos” to view “Ariadne’s Journey”. Panagiotopoulos’ School published the following post on their social media after attending:
3rd Grade students went on a fantastic journey with Ariadne into the world of Knossos! They were impressed to see ancient ruins transform and come alive; a unique experience through techniques and technologies of virtual reality and projection mapping.
Before and after the screenings, teachers and students left their notes on their experience, comments and feedback for Ariadne in the visitor’s logbook.
Amongst others, in the afternoon and evening audiences, researchers and staff working at NCSR “Demokritos” also joined Ariadne’s screenings and discussed questions relating to the methodology and creative approach that led to “Ariadne’s Journey”, acknowledging the contribution and value of artistic approaches to new technologies that can provide exciting possibilities for experimenting with storytelling. Evening screenings ended with a celebratory atmosphere.
A few weeks later, Ariadne’s creative team was invited to present their work at the 2-day meeting organized by Xenios Polis around culture, digital technology and gamification, and Ariadne’s relationship to iGuide Knossos.
The Creative Team would like to thank all those who accompanied Ariadne on her journey thus far, with their support and feedback, encouraging Ariadne for the steps ahead!
To find our more about Ariadne’s Journey and to stay informed about future screenings, please click here
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