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In the framework of the ongoing collaboration between SKEL | The AI Lab and the Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan, China, George Paliouras, Head of SKEL and associate researchers Anastasia Krithara and Anastasios Nentidis will give a series of online talks, presenting the work conducted through the Biomedical and Health Informatics Team (BioHIT), which focuses on machine learning, data mining, knowledge representation, and visualization.

The first presentation was on Thursday 22 April, by Dr A. Krithara and she presented the iASiS Open Data Graph: Automated Semantic Integration of Disease-Specific Knowledge, a graph that was developed in the context of the European H2020 iASiS project.

On Thursday 27 May, Dr G. Paliouras will give a speech on BioASQ Synergy: Using the BioASQ ecosystem to address open research questions for COVID-19.

The series of talks will be concluded with A. Nentidis on Thursday 3 June, holding a presentation on Fine-grained biomedical semantic indexing and integration.

In the frame of this collaboration, the Complex Network Analysis discussion Group has invited Dr Jingbo Xia, Associate Professor of Department on Big Data Science, College of Informatics, Hubei key lab of Agricultural Bioinformatics, at the Huazhong Agricultural University to give a talk on AGAC: Annotation of Genes with Alteration-Centric function changes – A customized corpus for mining functions caused by mutations.

The Complex Network Analysis discussion Group is an initiative by SKEL researchers aiming to bring together scientists from different groups and teams of the Institute that wish to share research ideas, experimental results, expertise, and knowledge around the area of Complex Networks, probabilistic graphs, and related research topics.

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