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In the framework of Colibri Women, a project by the ehealth and knowledge management unit, female entrepreneurs were interviewed, providing personal insights aiming to inspire future women entrepreneurs and inform about their future business decisions.

The interviewees are inspiring female entrepreneurs in Greece that share their stories about how they overcame barriers and how they took their businesses to the next level, while aspiring women that wish to become Entrepreneurs, in Scientists and Technology in NCSR Demokritos and Lefkippos Technology Park.

The specific objectives were to gain insight into the mind behind the entrepreneur, in terms of, traits, and/or behaviours, to understand the entry barriers encountered and/or support received in the process, to understand the business views, from a female founders’ perspective and to understand the sector-specific challenges facing a female entrepreneur.

Furthermore there is an interview with a female professional with expertise in digital technologies that share her story of how digital technologies change her working environment. The specific objective was to gain insight of how new digital technologies can influence the working life of female experts in digital technologies in Greece.

The interviews are available here:

Ms. M. Georgiou:

Ms. Vavouraki:

Mr Zergioti:

Mrs Brazitikou:

Mrs Sotiropoulou:

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