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WiCom Lab of IIT at NCSR Demokritos organised a workshop addressing gender & underrepresented minorities issues in the frame of the META WIRELESS project from Wednesday 1 December 2021 until Thursday 16 December 2021.

The course aimed at educating Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) of the Meta Wireless project on gender equality and minority issues to be addressed during their scientific research. During the course, researchers were trained to identify key factors that limit their involvement in Science, teaching them how to overcome hurdles and how to organise inclusive public engagement events. Additionally, it was highlighted that gender-inclusive and minority-inclusive approaches maximize the quality of scientific research and improves the market penetration of scientific results.

NCSR Demokritos supports Gender Equality policies and invests in activities that can assist researchers and personnel to perform their work.

More information about the workshop here.

META WIRELESS project (Future Wireless Communications Empowered by Reconfigurable Intelligent Meta-Materials) is a project by WiCom of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, NCSR Demokritos, funded by the Horizon 2020 Program, Marie Skłodowska – Curie Actions, Innovative Training Networks (MSCA-ITN). META WIRELESS pursues the disruptive idea of designing wireless networks by treating the environment itself as a quantity to be controlled and optimised. Making this vision a reality requires the training of a new generation of researchers and a multidisciplinary effort involving wireless communications, physics, electromagnetic theory, and computational learning, which are the ingredients that define the META WIRELESS project.

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