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Health CASCADE‘s first interactive webinar, namely Let’s Evidence Co-creation for Future Public Health, was held online on 12 July 2021. It was the project’s first webinar, in a series of many over the next four years, providing the opportunity for all to learn from and interact with leading participatory researchers as they share their knowledge and expertise during these free, online sessions.

The Health Cascade Network Team was joined by experts:

  • Professor Michael Wright, Participatory Health Research Specialist
  • Professor Esther Turnhout, Conservation Policy Expert, Wageningen University
  • Dr Michelle Farr, University of Bristol

Complex global health challenges confront societies and individuals from obesity and cardiovascular diseases to pandemics, from dementia to cancer, all magnified by climate change and increasing inequality in health care provision.

Health CASCADE, a multidisciplinary expert network with early-stage researchers from around the world, is funded to deliver together the rigorous scientific methodology to secure co-creation as an effective tool to address these complex public health issues.

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