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The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications at NCSR Demokritos is one of the core partners of the ahedd.Digital Innovation Hub, the ecosystem of research and corporate entities that have know-how in offering digital transformation and innovation solutions.

In that context, ΙΙΤ experts transfer cutting-edge expertise to business executives, acting as digital skills development enablers. More specifically, SKEL collaborating researchers Dr. George Giannakopoulos and Dr. Aris Kosmopoulos hosted during November and December two executive AI workshop trainings for Obko, a FinTech startup and COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications, providing expert hands-on training on AI techniques and data-driven applications thus setting the grounds for a strategic AI-enabled company roadmap.


Aside from the innovative solutions, ahedd provides diverse services that address the emerging needs of the cross-industrial community. IIT experts organise tailor-made executive training programs, workshops and seminars in order to enrich digital and entrepreneurial skills, build innovation clusters and pioneers.

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