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May 8, 2015

Opendaylight (Helium) – Openstack (Juno) integration for NFVI implementation

In the frame of the EU funded ICT T-NOVA Project, Medianetlab will host one of the project’s pilot sites. The project has presented an initial reference demonstrator architecture based on the integration of Openstack and Opendaylight constituting the Virtualised Infrastructure Manager for the Network Function VIrtualisation Infrastructure (NFVI). The first take on T-NOVA high-level architecture of the project is presented in the public deliverable D2.21.
Medianetlab provides lessons learned and guidelines used for the appropriate deployment from scratch of ODL, plus Openstack over Ubuntu using GRE networking. The setup and the details of the deployment setup and configurations used are available here.

Visit the T-NOVA project site deliverable D2.21…

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