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In the context of PETRA Conference 2022, CIL is calling for papers for the workshop AV-cult: Machine learning solutions for reducing exclusion of persons with hearing loss from cultural content organised by Dr Theodoros Giannakopoulos, head of the MagCIL group,
Paper submission deadline is on Monday 21 March 2022. organising The conference takes place in Corfu, Greece from 29 June to 1 July.

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The AV-cult workshop is a workshop on ML-based solutions for people with hearing loss in cultural applications (i.e. live subtitling in theatre/cinema, sign language, music experience etc.). It aims to attract an interdisciplinary group of researchers from fields such as auditory scene analysis, automatic speech recognition and speech analytics, affective computing, music perception, hearing aid technology, human-computer interaction and psychology. Researchers in all these fields focus in finding solutions for making cultural content that contains sound as a basic medium, more easily accessible to people with hearing loss.

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