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September 7, 2018

The TRESSPASS project has kicked off

TRESSPASS, a H2020 42 month Innovation Action project which started on June 1, 2018, coordinated by the Integrated Systems Laboratory, IIT, NCSRD, imports the idea of “Risk based” security checks and proposes an analytic framework for modelling risk as well as a systematic approach of quantifying risk, based on a set of indicators that can accurately be measured across all four tiers of the Integrated Border Management.
Bringing together 22 partners from across Europe, TRESSPASS has effectively constructed a strong consortium of market-leading companies, innovative and highly specialised SMEs, renowned public research institutes and a substantial cluster of operations experts and End Users. Moreover, TRESSPASS includes a unique combination of high-impact EU border crossing settings, covering all modalities: land, air and sea and all tiers of EU’s border access control model.
The successful Kick Off Meeting took place on June 7th and 8th, 2018 at the NCSRD Library, with over 50 attendees representing the TRESSPASS consortium, eager to integrate new technologies for border security and to implement new risk based screening methods for safe travel across Europe.
The TRESSPASS consortium extends over a wide EU geographic coverage including partners from Southern Europe (Greece and Italy), Eastern (Poland) and Central-North Europe (Poland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, UK and Ireland). Besides including critical external land boundaries of the European Union and corresponding border guard authorities in the consortium, the geographic coverage guarantees a wide network of associated partners and affiliations, as well as different views, policies and practices in the context of border security, a fact which brings a complete operational view of involved domains in the project.
Following the successful coordination and implementation of the risk based security H2020 project FLYSEC (GA no. 653879), TRESSPASS is highly anticipated to modernize the way the security checks at border crossing points (BCPs) are held out.
The TRESSPASS project is funded by the European Union and the Horizon 2020 programme under Grant Agreement no 787120., with a total budget of 9.299.391 €

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