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Three new research projects have been awarded to IIT Laboratories from April to June 2021; one of them was launched in April, the second one had its kick-off meeting in June and the latter is scheduled to start in November 2021.


In April, the Computational Intelligence Laboratory with scientific responsible Dr Basilis Gatos launched the ShakeIT – Corpus-Assisted Drama Translation Research: Shakespeare In Translation national project. The goals of the project are the improvement of current Greek polytonic OCR state-of-the-art technologies by incorporating advanced image processing, pattern recognition, machine learning and deep neural network techniques into the OCR pipeline and the creation of a state-of-the-art corpus for Greek Polytonic OCR that can be used by the research community for training and evaluation purposes.


In June, the Net Media Lab, Mind & Brain and scientific responsible Dr Athanasios Drigas and other NML lab members participated in the online the kick-off meeting of the new Erasmus+ project DigiTEAL – Digital Teaching Literacy. The project aims to identify training needs and skill gaps around teachers’ online teaching capability, create a practical, step-by-step resource that guides teachers through the technical elements of setting up safe online teaching, using identified best practice, and giving them confidence if they have mainly focused on face-to-face teaching in the past. Additionaly, teachers will be informed about the non-technical issues classroom management associated with online teaching and they will be aware of an internationally recognised online assessment system that they can adapt for their students in any subject. The project is coordinated by the University of Wolverhampton (UK) and the rest of the partners are Emphasys Centre (Cyprus), Bürgerhaus Bennohaus (Germany) and Universitatea din Bucureşti (Romania).

New project coming soon: DRYADS

The EU H2020 project DRYADS is the new grant that has been awarded in the EU call for research with high impact on Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: Research and innovation in support of the European Green Deal and is scheduled to start in November 2021, with scientific responsible Dr Dimitris Kyriazanos, Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL). The project will be an innovation action with the high level objective of preventing and fighting extreme wildfires with the integration and demonstration of innovative means. DRYADS is also a success story of cross-disciplinary and inter-institute collaboration within NCSR Demokritos as it involves collaboration of ISL, IIT with the Atmospheric Chemistry and Innovative Technologies Lab (AirTec Lab) of the Institute of Nuclear and Radiological Sciences and Technology, Energy and Safety. ISL research in DRYADS will include crisis management data modelling, intelligent analytics, innovative citizen and practitioner applications and simulation.

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