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“VR@GR Virtual Reality – Research and applications in Greece today”, an event dedicated to Virtual Reality took place on the 24-25 of November at Onassis Cultural Centre (Stegi), in collaboration with the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.
The Integrated Systems Lab participated in the meeting, thus contributing in an on-going effort to promote interactive technologies in Greece, in a time when the perspectives and possible applications of VR technology attract the interest of many people.
Visitors had a chance to experience first-hand the lab’s Virtual Reality application “i-Guide Knossos”, at the main lobby demo area, as part of an all-day VR exhibition. In addition, an extensive presentation under the title “From Knossos to Ariadne and Festos: a timeless journey” took place at the small amphitheater, shedding light in various aspects of the research and creative procedures behind application development within the Lab.
“i-Guide Knossos”, a digital cultural guide of Minoan Knossos, is an interactive recreation of the historical complex of Knossos, where the user can explore information in the form of video, images, and voice-over narration while interacting with the virtual world. In addition to that, ISL’s activities in the field of archaeological research and experience include “i-Guide Festos”, a similar virtual guide currently in development, and “Ariadne’s Journey”, a projection mapping animated work, which was fully designed and produced within the Lab and screened publicly in the spring of 2018.

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