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Based upon state-of-the-art technology in the areas of web crawling and spidering, multilingual information extraction, semantic resources and quality labelling, MedIEQ will pave the way towards the automation of quality labelling process in medical web sites. MedIEQ will deliver tools that crawl the Web to locate medical web sites in seven different European languages (Spanish, Catalan, German, English, Greek, Czech, and Finnish) in order to verify their content using a set of machine readable quality criteria. MedIEQ tools will monitor already labelled medical sites alerting labelling experts in case the sites content is updated against the quality criteria, thus facilitating the work of medical quality labelling agencies. MedIEQ continues and builds upon the work of previous projects in the area of medical quality labeling (MedCIRCLE, MedCERTAIN, WRAPIN) and quality labelling standards (QUATRO). It aims to tackle the main problem of current medical quality labelling mechanisms, that is, the need for a continuous review and control of the accredited or filtered medical web sites, a process which requires a huge amount of human effort. To achieve this, MedIEQ integrates the efforts of relevant organizations on medical quality labelling, multilingual information retrieval and extraction, semantic resources, from six different European countries ( Spain , Germany , Greece , Finland , Czech Republic , Switzerland ). The resulting technology is expected to have a significant impact on medical quality labelling assisting the work of labelling experts, increasing the number of labelled medical sites across Europe and their effective monitoring, and thus improving the quality health knowledge disseminated through the Web. In the context of MedIEQ we foresee two applications corresponding to the two types of labelling mechanisms represented in the project by the two medical quality labelling organizations involved (WMA and AQUMED). The first MedIEQ application concerns the constant monitoring of already labelled medical web sites comparing newly extracted information from the web sites pages against the existing labelling data stored in the accreditation label. The second MedIEQ application concerns the identification of new medical web sites, in specific thematic areas, their characterization against certain criteria, the filtering of some of the identified sites based on their characterization, and their organization into web directories in order to facilitate access by health consumers. This is a dynamic process in both applications since the already visited web sites will be re-visited by the MedIEQ labelling system, updating the accreditation labels in the first application and the web directories in the second one. The MedIEQ consortium includes senior key researchers from a number of related EC-funded projects (MedCIRCLE, MedCERTAIN, WRAPIN, QUATRO, SemanticMining, CROSSMARC, Rainbow, CLEF, EuroWordNet and others ? brief descriptions of these projects are found in Appendix C) who are experts in the areas that they have been assigned to in the project and have worked together successfully in the past. More specifically, the MedIEQ consortium consists of the following partners (in parentheses the expertise they bring into the project): ? National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos ? Software

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