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The renown beyond 3G scenario depicts a diverse wireless networking world of ?network of wireless networks? accommodating a variety of radio technologies and mobile service requirements in a seamless manner. The achievement of this vision raises significant research challenges in view of system coexistence; system scale; network robustness requirements; and evaluation tool design to provide a framework for cost-effective assessment of optimisation algorithms within a heterogeneous system environment. UNITE aims to address the aforementioned research challenges by: a. Implementing an efficient, accurate and scalable Virtual Distributed Testbed (VDT) to support cross-system, and cross-layer optimisation of heterogeneous systems in a unified manner. b. Through the use of the virtual testbed, to investigate, design and evaluate cross-layer and cross-system interactions, between next generation radio and protocols without neglecting important real-system details.

  • E.U./Matching Funds
  • IST-FP6-STREP-026906
  • 495,628,000 €
  • 56,463,300 €
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