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RoboSKEL | Robotics Activity

Roboskel’s origins are traced to the involvement of SKEL in the robotics project Indigo, transferring, adapting, and extending SKEL’s personalization technologies in the domain of Human-Robot Interaction. Over the years, this has led to our formulating and pursuing our Consumer Robotics vision of HRI that can make using robots as easy as it needs to be for robots to be useful in our everyday life.

Besides advanced HRI, we also envisage the seamless integration of robots in the automation and communication already built into our everyday environment. For this to succeed, the interfacing between robots and current standards in Home Automation needs to be worked out and to general solutions to be developed. We are starting this journey with the RoboCoffee project at IRSS 2014, a project combining work on HRI with work on interfacing between ROS and simple sensors and actuators that can be part of a home automation environment.

Finally, Roboskel has extended its scope to robot perception, where we have developed a novel method for human pattern recognition from laser range data and we are also working on object segmentation in fused space of vision/depth/laser range/acoustic data. The vision is the Roboticist’s Workbench, a robust and versatile scene understanding infrastructure that can support further research.

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