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This year, the 55th Summer School of NCSR Demokritos was conducted virtually for the first time in its long history from 13 to 17 July 2020 and was broadcast live in compliance with Covid-19 restrictions.

With each day dedicated to NCSR Demokritos’s Institutes, Tuesday 14 July was filled with presentations and panel discussions from the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications.

IIT researchers were once more actively involved in the Summer School by presenting their work, replying to questions during the sessions and contributing to the closing round table of the day.

Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL) researcher Mrs Anastasia Krithara, delivered a presentation on Artificial Intelligence for Precision Medicine, in the frame of,  the recently completed, European project iASiS.

Telecommunication Networks Laboratory (NeL) researcher, Mr Nikos Dimitriou continued with a talk on Σύνθετα ασύρματα δίκτυα για πρόσβαση στο Internet του μέλλοντος.

Mr Stelios Thomopoulos, Head of the Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL), along with Mr Stelios Daveas and Mrs Andrianna Polydouri demonstrated their work on Προσομοιωτής ανθρώπινης συμπεριφοράς πλήθους (agent-based) και εφαρμογές Machine Learning. Mr Thomopoulos and Mr George Farazis presneted Παραμετρικά Εργαλεία για τον σχεδιασμό Ψηφιακού Περιβάλλοντος. Finally, Mr Dimitris Kyriazanos, delivered his presentation on Κυβερνοασφάλεια: εξέλιξη και μέλλον.

Media Networks Laboratory(MNL) researcher, Mr Themistoklis Anagnostopoulos delivered a presentation on Network Slicing over 5G Networks.

Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL) researcher, Mrs Eleni Charou along with Mr Giorgos Felekis, University College of London (UCL) presented their work on Επεξεργασία Δορυφορικής Εικόνας με χρήση Machine learning.

Mrs Iris Xenaki, post doc researcher at the Institute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences and Technology, Energy & Safety (INRASTES), talked about H2020 European project Fair4Fusion – open access for fusion data in Europe in the frame of the collaboration between the two Institutes on the project.

The presentations continued with Mr Athanasios Drigkas, Head of Net Media Service Lab (NML & Mind), presenting Τεχνολογίες Πληροφορικής & Γνωστικές Μεταγνωστικές Δεξιότητες στην Εκπαίδευση.

The day concluded with the Artificial Intelligence & Ethics session, organised by SKEL. World-renowned Prof Constantinos Daskalakis of MIT, Boston, USA was the keynote speaker with a talk on Learning from Biased Data. A round table discussion followed and was moderated by IIT researcher Mr Dimitris Kyriazanos with the participation of Prof Daskalakis and SKEL associates which included:

  • George Giannakopoulos, Associate Researcher at SKEL, co-founder of SciFY and Board Member of the Hellenic Artificial Intelligence Society (EETN)
  • Alexandros Nousias, Legal Advisor with expertise in technology issues and extensive experience in personal data management and
  • Xenia Ziouvelou, IIT’s Innovation Officer and post-doc researcher at SKEL.
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