Research Labs & Units

As per its organisational structure, the two IIT Divisions comprise 5 Research Laboratories, under which the core research activities pertaining to the Institute’s thematic priorities are carried out. Additionally, there is a research Lab between the two Divisions, the Integrated Systems Lab (ISL), as well as the Lab in the context of special educational research, NML and Mind.

IIT also manages the following units which support activities across NCSR-D: The Attica Hub for the Economy of Data and Devices (ahedd), the Network Operation Centre and eGovernance Office.

Division of Telecommunications and Networks (T&N): T&N Division includes the Media Networks Lab (MNL), the Telecommunications Network Lab (NeL), the Wireless Communications Lab (WiCom). The Division is a leader in the areas of 5G networks and produces significant results related to the relevant infrastructure, protocols used, and routing and packaging methodologies for optimising network performance and availability.

MNL and NeL are collaborating on Edge Computing and slicing in SDN/NFV-enabled architectures, as well as on 5G/6G Networking Technologies and Infrastructure for advanced vertical use cases. The collaboration of WiCom and NeL focuses on cross layer optimisation and network radio resource management considering novel physical layer for B5G communication paradigms. WiCom is collaborating with SKEL connecting B5G telecommunications with AI/ML techniques. NeL is collaborating with CIL in the domain of AI/ML techniques for Network Management.

Regarding the collaborations with research teams of other NCSR-D Institutes, these mainly concern the utilisation of the materials science in the research of the antenna technology and microwave devices. A more than 10-years collaboration has been developed with the Superconductivity and Magnetic Oxides Group of INN.

Division of Intelligent Information Systems (IIS): IIS Division includes the Software Engineering Lab (SKEL The AI Lab) and the Computational Intelligence Lab (CIL). It focuses on basic and applied research in Artificial Intelligence. Moving from text-centric AI to multimodal, web and social media content analysis, IIS has produced strong research outcomes in the field. Acknowledging early the importance of data analysis, IIS has also dedicated significant effort in the field of AI-based methods for big data management and processing. SKEL and CIL are collaborating in order to co-develop novel AI methods and technologies. This collaboration has been long-standing and is supported by many common research and innovation projects. Further to this collaboration, both Labs are working with other IIT labs which provide challenging new problems requiring AI solutions, mostly in telecommunications (with WiCom on use of AI/ML in B5G, with NeL on network management using AI/ML, with MNL in the context of ahedd activities) and security (with ISL on security and ethics of AI).

Moving to other Institutes of NCSR-D, the opportunities for collaboration multiply. Various NCSR-D Labs perform a multitude of experiments, generating voluminous data. The thorough analysis of such data with new AI approaches can lead to novel solutions in a range of existing and new problems, in the areas of biology, physics, nanoscience, energy, environment and nuclear technologies.

Telecommunication & Networks

Intelligent Information Systems

The AI Lab

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Communications Office

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